Sitting Down with Lauren Abney: Co-Creator of the Well/Behaved Podcast

May 11, 2022

In my latest Inspiring Women Series interview, I had the privilege of speaking with Lauren Abney, co-creator and co-host of the women-led podcast, Well/Behaved.

Lauren Abney sits on Inspiro Tequila’s advisory board and brings a great perspective on all things marketing, messaging, and branding. She currently works at Google as a client partner but still finds time to work with startups like Inspiro Tequila to help build their branding.

Lauren loves all things tequila and wellness, which makes us a perfect fit to work together! She shared with me some of her tips on how she maintains health and wellness in her own busy life and a few things about tequila. 

Here are a few things I wanted to share with you from our chat!

Why health and wellness are important to Lauren’s life

When Lauren was no longer a student-athlete at the University of Kentucky, she stopped training regularly and needed to learn how to maintain her health in other ways. She discovered yoga, and it is what has helped her stay healthy but also mentally heal. Lauren says she credits yoga with helping her process her “PTSD” from working out and training constantly as an athlete, as well as combat her negative image and judgments of herself.

Lauren’s journey of building a health and wellness lifestyle led her to create the women-led podcast Well/Behaved with Stephanie Biegel. Well/Behaved comes from a place of being a seeker of knowledge about wellness. She and Stephanie Biegel feature many people they admire in different realms of knowledge – spiritual, yoga, cannabis, finance, and more – and explore these areas to have a better understanding.

Why Lauren says a morning routine is critical to mental health

She shared her morning routine with me, which she implemented after experiencing anxiety for the first time. 

Lauren begins her day by meditating for 10-15 minutes in bed and then reading. She follows that with a cup of hot water with lemon while listening to “enlightened hip hop.” No phones during this routine so Lauren can start her day on the right track.  (I need to try to avoid my phone in the morning also.) 

Lauren shared her time blocking strategy to schedule everything from maintaining workouts to deep work.  Recognizing that meetings can take over her schedule, Lauren blocks certain days and times for meetings.  I need to start trying to cluster my meeting times – love this tip!

Why tequila is Lauren’s drink of choice

Lauren started drinking tequila when her other go-to spirit bourbon was leaving her foggy in the mornings. She found tequila not only allows her to function fully the next day, but she also enjoys the flavor profile of tequila. 

Her go-to tequila cocktail is a reposado on the rocks with a twist of lime or orange. In the summers, she enjoys a tequila gimlet heavy on the lime. Clearly, she’s got great taste.

To watch my entire interview with Lauren Abney on Inspiro Tequila’s YouTube Channel, click here!