Mixing It Up with Inspiro’s Fabulous Female Mixologists: Charlotte Spassoff

Apr 20, 2022

We love the ladies that make fabulous Inspiro Tequila cocktails for us. There are so many amazingly talented female mixologists out there and we want to highlight them in our new blog series – Mixing It Up With Inspiro Tequila. We will share the stories behind these incredible women and their fantastic cocktail creations. 

This month we are highlighting Charlotte Spassoff, a California clean cocktail creator as well as an entrepreneur running the SIP SIP Mobile Bar.

Continue reading to learn about Charlotte Spassoff’s mixologist journey and her Inspiro Tequila inspired cocktail!

Spotlight on Charlotte Spassoff

Where are you located?

Newport Beach, California.

Tell us a little about your background.

My journey to cleaner cocktails started in college when I studied biology. At the time, craft cocktails were nowhere near being on my mind. However, the initial seeds of living a healthy lifestyle were planted. 

I was constantly drawn to learning more about how the body worked and how it was affected by food, exercise, and sleep. I became very curious and involved in the wellness world and started following healthy brands and influencers through Instagram. Eventually, I began hosting wellness day retreats, workshops, and social events curated around yoga, food, and community. 

Once COVID hit, all of these social events came to a halt, and my time in the kitchen increased, which led to beverage crafting.

What inspired you to start creating cocktails?

During quarantine, my roommate and I started experimenting with mocktails. At the time, I wasn’t sure how to start sharing cocktails on Instagram, because being a wellness page, I felt alcohol was associated with partying and/or binge drinking. 

I felt there needed to be a more mindful approach to drinking in the wellness space and that void inspired me to fill it by creating cleaner cocktails, low abv (alcohol by volume) drinks, and mocktails. Ranging in alcohol levels from 0 to a full serving allows me to reach folks with different drinking desires, whether that is taking a break from alcohol, moms-to-be, or just not feeling it. Everyone can still participate in a social setting. 

I am a huge glassware and garnish advocate, and believe presentation can easily elevate the experience. This eventually led to starting a boutique cocktail + mocktail bar that specializes in craft beverages curated using seasonal and local ingredients. 

SIP SIP Mobile Bar hit the ground November 2021, and it’s been a creative blessing since. Shortly after the launch, Mara and I connected over clean cocktails. Inspiro Tequila is a wonderful product, and we will be gladly serving it at our brand launch in Spring 2022. 

Who inspires you?

My community both online and in Orange County inspire me personally and professionally. 

What was the inspiration for your Inspiro Tequila cocktail?

The seasons inspire the majority of my cocktails. As we step into spring and flowers begin to bloom, bees are drawn to the flowering plants. My Inspiro Tequila cocktail was inspired by the honey bees and became the Honey, You Got This cocktail.

Where can people find you mixing it up regularly?

They can find me on Instagram @drinkswithchar and @sipsipmobilebar. Or they can check out my website, Drinks with Char.

Make sure to check out Charlotte Spassoff’s Honey, You Got This on our cocktails page. Also check out Mixing It Up With Hilary Pereira to read about another amazing female mixologist!

If you have a favorite female mixologist you think we should know about, e-mail us at info@inspirotequila.com. We are always looking for new women to highlight!