Introducing our new Female Mixologist Series

Mar 16, 2022

We love the ladies that make fabulous Inspiro Tequila cocktails for us. There are so many amazingly talented female mixologists out there and we want to highlight them in our new blog series – Mixing It Up With Inspiro Tequila. We will share the stories behind these incredible women and their fantastic cocktail creations. 

We are starting this series with our very own Hilary Pereira. We are so fortunate to have Hilary on Inspiro Tequila’s all female advisory board. Not only does she have a lot of CPG experience and insightful strategy ideas, but she happens to also mix a mean cocktail. You can read about her here.

Female Mixologist Profile – Hilary Pereira

Where are you located?

NYC & Nashville!

Tell us a little about your background

Well, similar to your theme here, I do like to mix it up! As a bit of a multi-hyphenate, I am constantly inspired to create…and to connect with other female founders and female-led brands. I am a Founder of Splash Mixers, a non-alcoholic cocktail mixer, the author of an entertaining and recipe book, “Mermaids & Martinis” published by Dunham Books, an entrepreneur, designer and creativity coach. 

I’ve led multiple incubators for female entrepreneurs growing brands, sat on panels and hosted live demonstrations for American Express, Birch Box, Food & Wine Magazine Festivals and more!

What inspired you to start creating cocktails?

My cup is always full when I’m creating – whether it’s a product, a book or a memorable experience. I find that when we entertain at home or design a meaningful event, cocktails play a starring role! My first book featured favorite cocktail recipes and unique creations. Shortly after the book came out, I spotted a major hole in the beverage market when it came to mixing quality cocktails at home. I desired drinks that were fool-proof and easy to make, yet delicious and consistent, every time. I relentlessly pursued my passion for the right solution, found a leading global beverage lab to put us on the map, spent years designing classic and unique flavors, teamed up with a partner, helped bring in investors and flew around the country non-stop building and scaling what is now SPLASH Mixers. 

Who inspires you?

Professionally, I am inspired by Shelley Zalis (CEO, The Female Quotient) and Catherine Berman (CEO, CNote) both are mission-driven to create opportunity and support for other women and minorities in the business world. Earlier this year, I was honored to be the Keynote for Dermalogica’s Global Annual Summit, and I am awe-struck by Jane Wurwand, the Founder of Dermalogica who started the company out of her apartment. 

Personally, I feel very lucky to be surrounded by an incredible group of friends who inspire me every day with their authenticity and brilliance…from how they parent to how they live and lead by treating others with kindness and grace.

What was the inspiration for your Inspiro Tequila cocktail?

Well, many of my inspirations for developing new cocktail recipes are born in Manhattan! A few favorite moments have been sipping the most icy-cold and lemony Cosmopolitan in the lightest ballet slipper pink color under the Maxfield Parrish mural at King Cole Bar…the spicy margaritas at Soho House…I think the best Bloody Mary lives at the the Mermaid Inn. And The Dead Rabbit makes a spectacular Irish Manhattan. 

I absolutely loved mixing INSPIRO tequila for this twist on the traditional recipe. The taste is elevated and smooth, it’s low-sugar and low-calorie, and truly is the perfect Manhattan.

Where can people find you mixing it up regularly?

Oh, fun! You can find me hosting my next creative retreat at or developing new recipes and sharing my joys @hilpereira on instagram!

Make sure to check out Hilary’s Manhattan Night’s cocktail on our cocktails page. We hope you love this series and if you have a favorite mixologist that you think we should know about, e-mail us at  We are always looking for new women to highlight!