What’s in Your Tequila?

It might surprise you to learn that many of your favorite tequila brands contain additives. Tequila companies have been doing this for years to enhance the flavor and color of their tequila, and it is perfectly legal under Mexico’s laws governing tequila production (point of note, you can be confident Inspiro Tequila is always additive-free).

The Tequila Regulatory Council (CRT) – the organization in Mexico that regulates tequila – allows for additives in tequila as long as they don’t exceed more than 1% of the tequila’s total liquid (though additives these days have become increasingly concentrated, in order to stay under that 1% rule).

So, what are these additives exactly, and how are they used? Additives in tequila fall into four main categories:

  1. Sugar-based: These additives are a syrup of different ingredients (from agave nectar to corn syrup to aspartame) that are used to sweeten the tequila. If you are drinking a tequila that tastes overly sweet, that bottle likely has additives.
  2. Glycerin: This is one of the most common additives used in tequila because it helps create a more rounded and fuller “mouthfeel.” So, if the tequila is watery or thin, adding glycerin can help increase its viscosity.
  3. Oak extract: Some tequila producers add oak extract to their tequila to increase the spirit’s aroma or flavor, making the tequila taste as though it had been aged longer.
  4. Caramel color: Not all additives are for flavor, tequila brands that add caramel color to their spirit do so for the purpose of increasing or refining the color to their finished spirit.
At Inspiro Tequila, all of the distinct aromas, flavor, and vibrant color in our tequilas come from our meticulous handcrafted process and our oak barrels. It is our goal at Inspiro Tequila to always maintain the quality of our flavor and taste in every bottle, without ever using any additives.
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