Sitting Down with Stephanie Biegel: Co-Creator of the Well/Behaved Podcast and Co-Founder of Key

Jun 30, 2022

In my latest interview, I had the privilege of speaking with Stephanie Biegel, co-creator and co-host of the women-led podcast Well/Behaved and female co-founder of Key, a software designed to connect talents and brands.

Steph sits on Inspiro Tequila’s advisory board and is my marketing and messaging guru. I’m so lucky to have her business guidance, and she also knows where to go for everything from shopping to restaurants and hotels!

Steph shared with me how she balances work and life, maintains her health and wellness, and what she loves about tequila. 

Here are a few things I wanted to share with you from our chat!

How Steph ended up starting two businesses

Steph’s background in entertainment started with unpaid internships in the music industry. In college, she decided she wanted to pursue a career in entertainment and left her hometown of Chicago for Los Angeles. In LA, she landed a job at a talent agency working with an agent for reality television (before reality TV was big). Steph learned a lot, but she was working so much it was the “longest year of my life.”

After leaving the talent agency, Steph transitioned to a new company handling celebrity endorsements, but her time at the talent agency burned her out. Steph decided to go home to Chicago to recharge and refocus. During that time, she found the digital ad tech space and began working for a blogger network selling digital ad space. Turns out Steph had a talent for sales and began moving up in the industry over the next ten years.

However, Steph had a desire to build her own business. Steph said, “Wellness is my passion, but it’s a lot of times really hard to take your passion and make it into a business that also makes you money.” So instead of building one business – Steph built two! 

Her main business is Key, a co-founded software company that converged together all her knowledge on data, endorsements, brands, and media and brought it into the sector of talent. 

Steph’s “side hustle” is a women-led health and wellness podcast she co-hosts with Lauren Abney, called Well/Behaved. Steph said, “There’s nothing more powerful than having a side hustle that fills your cup while you’re also building in a different sector.”

Steph said the two businesses  – Key and Well/Behaved – “make me whole.”

How Steph balances her life, her health, and her businesses

Steph’s go-to tool and strategy for efficiency is time blocking. She blocks out time on her calendar for focused work that allows her to be productive and feel accomplished. She also utilizes the calendar’s “do not disturb” feature so she isn’t interrupted during her deep work time.

Steph’s other go-to tool is to take time to practice self-care. “A lot of those practices of self-care allow me to really just be the best version of myself at work,” Steph shared. 

Steph has a morning routine to start her day off right.  She does not look at her phone first thing in the morning, and her routine includes drinking hot lemon water, working out, and following her beauty routine.  For a slower morning, she’ll practice gratitude or do a quick morning meditation.  She tries to slow down at the end of the day to unwind.

How tequila became Steph’s favorite spirit

Steph loves tequila because it’s smooth and clean, unlike the wine she used to drink, which was filled with sulfates. She said that tequila never left her feeling hungover, gave her great energy, and made her feel happy. 

Steph likes to drink her tequila in several ways, but her favorite cocktails are simple. Currently, she drinks tequila on the rocks with a splash of soda and either hibiscus or grapefruit juice. She also loves a good skinny spicy margarita and enjoys an espresso tequila-based martini when she goes out.

To watch my entire interview with Stephanie Biegel on Inspiro Tequila’s YouTube Channel, click here!