Paloma Kit

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Watch Us Make the Paloma


2 oz Inspiro Inspiro Tequila Luna Blanco
1 SAYSO Skinny Cardamom Paloma Tea Bag
Soda Water
BlueHenry Hibiscus Sugar
BlueHenry Dehydrated Grapefruit Slice


  • Steep Inspiro SAYSO Tea bag in Inspiro Tequila for 3 minutes. Rim your wine glass with the BlueHenry Hibiscus sugar while the cocktail steeps.
  • Pour tequila into your wine glass, fill with ice and top with soda water. Garnish with a dehydrated grapefruit slice. Enjoy
Smooth enough to sip on its own
Confirmed additive-free
Zero Sugars
Women owned, operated and created