Inspiro Tequila Partners with the Enthuse Foundation to Support Female Entrepreneurs

Apr 13, 2022

Inspiro Tequila Partners with the Enthuse Foundation to Support Female Entrepreneurs

We are excited to partner with the Enthuse Foundation to offer a Professional Development Grant and mentoring services to one lucky applicant! The Enthuse Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Inspiro Tequila is dedicated to inspiring and supporting other women on their entrepreneurial journeys and the Enthuse Foundation is a great organization for us to work with since they do just that.

How Enthuse Foundation Supports Female Entrepreneurs

Enthuse Foundation was started to help build a support network and resource for female entrepreneurs and business owners. The two founders, Kim Pulczinski-Lawton and Kristy Synder, wanted a place where female entrepreneurs could come together in a safe space to share experiences and challenges. 

Kristy Synder, Co-Founder of Enthuse Foundation, said, “Through the pandemic, we’ve seen the importance and desire for women to have flexibility in their careers, and we are doing our part to make this vision a reality. Having the ability to grant women business owners the tools to take their business further is fulfilling to all of us here at the Enthuse Foundation.” 

Enthuse Foundation provides grants, education, mentorship, networking opportunities, and Pitch Nights.

Pitch Nights filled a void Enthuse Foundation saw in organizations offering support and mentorship to women-led businesses. Often, women would apply for grants and funding but receive no feedback on why they were not selected.

Pitch Nights work to fix this by providing pitch contestants with feedback from investment professionals to perfect their business pitches.

How Inspiro Tequila Supports Female Entrepreneurs

Inspiro Tequila is sponsoring the Professional Development Grant in collaboration with Enthuse Foundation.

The Professional Development Grant is a $2,500 grant that will be awarded to a female founder to use towards professional networks and educational resources necessary for professional development. 

For women trying to reenter the workforce or pivot in their careers, they often need to acquire new skills and to build a support network.  We recognize that the costs associated with these can be a barrier to entry.  Mara is a firm believer that it is not too late, but that education and getting up to speed on different subject matters as well as joining networks of supportive and collaborative networks are key.  

In addition to the monetary grant, the grant winner will also receive one-on-one mentorship for six months with Mara. There are so many learnings on an entrepreneurial journey, and Mara saw this as an opportunity to share hers and provide guidance to another female founder. 

This grant was announced along with other grants offered through the Enthuse Foundation on International Women’s Day. Last month Mara participated in Enthuse Foundation’s International Women’s Day Panel panel on Entrepreneurship at Any Stage of Life. She spoke about the challenges she experienced when re-entering the workplace after having children.

“It is very difficult for women to reenter the workforce after a gap in the resume,” Mara Smith said. “Although it is hard, it is never too late to enter into a new industry or to pivot in your career. With this grant, I want to afford another female founder the opportunity to enhance her professional skills and become part of networks that can assist her on her journey. I look forward to sharing my learnings to provide guidance as well.”

The grant is worth $2,500 and all applications must be submitted by April 27. The winner will be announced on June 15, 2022.

This grant is one of the efforts to give back through the Inspiro Purple Bicycle Project.