Inspiring Podcasts that Mara is Binging Right Now

Jan 7, 2022

Okay, 2022 is here and I am beyond excited to see where our second year in business leads. I am always looking to self improve and learn more. If you’re like me, you are constantly seeking new information. One of the ways I stay motivated and up to date on business news, mom ideas, and trends is through podcasts. There are so many inspiring podcasts out there that provide lots of information. I always enjoy hearing about other founders’ journeys and taking great learnings away from their interviews and episodes. I listen to a number of podcasts on topics that I really need to educate myself on more and of course, any podcasts devoted to supporting and lifting up women I’m all in for. I listen to podcasts any time I have a free moment — whether it’s getting ready in the morning or waiting in the carpool line. I listen on double speed to fit in as many as possible.

I do binge lots and lots of podcasts, but here are some of my current favorites that I think are informative and will inspire you to go out there and get started on whatever it is you want to accomplish.

My Top 5 Most Inspiring Podcasts

Founder’s Journal

​​In the Founder’s Journal podcast, you’ll learn to think more effectively about your business or product as an entrepreneur. As the name suggests, this podcast serves as an insight into a founder’s mind, giving you a peek into their anxieties, decisions, and lessons. Alex Lieberman, the founder and host, gives great advice on growing a business and growing as a person. He tackles everything from imposter syndrome to leadership lessons to career advice. Alex is just brilliant and really intellectually inquisitive about so many topics. He has guided me to always think of my circle of competence. Understanding what you excel at and what areas you need help in are critical to being a successful leader.

The Kara Goldin Show

The Kara Goldin Show interviews successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and influencers about their struggles and insights. Kara Goldin, is the founder of Hint — a fruit-infused, flavored water brand. She hosts discussions with influential individuals such as Guy Kawasaki (Apple, Canva), Amy Errett (Madison Reed), and more. Her guests share knowledge and wisdom that help you tackle your challenges from a new, fresh perspective. I enjoy listening to the true stories behind so many companies, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Kara recounts her amazing story and shares incredible insights in her book “Undaunted.”


Stephanie Cartin & Courtney Spritzer are your Entreprenista hosts. They’re co-founders of Socialfly, a successful social media marketing agency. They also started an amazing networking community of women, the Entreprenista League. I am a member and their online events and engaged communities are incredible. On the Entreprenista Podcast Stepanie and Courtney highlight incredible female founders, and the guests give accurate depictions of what it is really like to build your own company. I am constantly amazed after listening to the guests’ stories. This is my regular Monday morning listen and this inspiring podcast helps to start my week off right. I have bought a lot of products after listening to Entreprenista episodes — I’m a good tester

Squats and Margaritas

Before becoming the host of Squats and Margaritas, Erin Washington formed her brand and book under the same name. Erin is an authentic host that facilitates relaxed, personal interviews on the latest trends in cocktails, fitness, and more. Her entire brand centers around balance in life, which includes indulging in margaritas on a regular basis (I’m a big fan of that of course). I really like Erin’s humble approach and the way she puts her guests at ease. She has a wide range of guests and she covers so many different topics. She tells her own story about transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom to starting her podcast and the mom-guilt associated with it. She’s raw and honest, and I think it’s helpful for other moms to hear that they are not alone. I highly recommend you give this one a listen.

The Consumer VC

This is a great podcast to learn about early-stage fundraising and consumer trends. The host, Mike Gelb, interviews top venture capitalists focused on consumer product companies and founders that run innovative consumer brands. For founders, this is unknown territory — hearing from venture capitalists as to what they’re looking for is really helpful. I think this podcast breaks down a complicated area and makes it easier to comprehend. I also appreciate that he highlights many venture capital firms that focus on funding minority and women-owned businesses. I’ve also attended the virtual Consumer VC summits and they are really good.

Stay Inspired and Motivated

I really believe that you can learn something from anyone you speak with or listen to. I always have a great takeaway after listening to my inspiring podcasts and from reading many business books (that list will be next). As a former attorney, I wasn’t sure what to expect when entering the spirits industry, a whole new world for me, but I realized there is so much information available out there if you want to understand a new industry. Hearing inspirational stories about other founders who have started from scratch keeps me motivated — especially when they share not only the highs but also the lows. So check out these podcasts this week for inspiration, and if you have others that you think I would love, please leave suggestions in the comments below!