6 Inspiring Mom Founders that Mara Admires

May 25, 2022

I’m so grateful to be surrounded by inspiring mothers, from my mom to the women I work with. As I have built Inspiro, I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing women who not only founded their own businesses but are also raising awesome children. Working with and meeting other women who balance motherhood with running a business has been so helpful since it allows us to support and cheer each other on.

Here are some women I look up to as inspiring mom founders.

Addie Gundry, Co-Founder of Pluie

I featured Addie Gundry in one of my Inspirational Women interviews, and for good reason. I love that she came up with a solution to help parents. She and her partner invented the first self-sanitizing diaper changing table. Her changing table is so cool! I wish it was around when I had kids in diapers.

Annabelle DeGrazio, Founder of Taja Collection

Annabelle DeGrazio is another mom and woman featured in my Inspirational Women series. I met Annabelle Degrazio through HeyMama, and talk about a mom doing it all! She was working full speed at 9 months pregnant and back at it again before we even realized she gave birth. She is a powerhouse female founder, and her company is fantastic. I’m obsessed with her candles. 

Emily Hikade, Founder of Petite Plume

Emily Hikade’s pajamas are to die for. She founded Petite Plume with four little boys and an intense job in counterintelligence. I love her story of working on her business while balancing life in some tough conditions around the world. I don’t know how she does it all.

Kristin Leigh, National Director of Community for HeyMama

Kristin Leigh is the ultimate connector and supporter of women and is part of what makes HeyMama great. HeyMama is an amazing network for women. It’s so collaborative, and I have met amazing women through it. 

Lindsay Pinchuk, Founder of Bump Club & Beyond and Host of DearFoundHer Podcast

I am in admiration of Lindsay Pinchuk. She started Bump Club when she was pregnant and after leaving a high-powered job at a large media company. Lindsay Pinchuk never looked back building her company and herself into a mom powerhouse brand name. She provides terrific guidance for female founders and shares her learnings regularly. 

Sara Blakely, Founder and CEO of Spanx

I am in total awe of Sara Blakely. She seems to do it all. She manages four children and runs a huge company. I love the insights she shares, and I try to live by many of her mottos, including the one that “If someone can do something 80% as well as you could, let them do it.” This is something I am trying to implement in my life. I am also obsessed with her video where her kids were running around, and she yells, “Someone send tequila.” Just let me know when, and you have it!

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