For tequila drinkers who are interested in where their favorite tequila is produced, there’s an easy way to find out, thanks to a four-digit number found on every bottle of tequila.  It’s called a “Norma Oficial Mexicana,” or more commonly known as a “NOM,” which is a number assigned by the Mexican government that corresponds […]

Mixing It Up with Inspiro Tequila’s Fabulous Female Mixologist: Amanda Arulpragasam, PhD At Inspiro Tequila, we continue to show our support of women by showcasing female mixologists every month in our Mixing It Up with Inspiro Tequila series. These women are the creators behind our incredibly delicious cocktails. This month we are featuring Dr. Amanda […]

I am so excited to share with you the interview I had with Dr. Amy Andes. She is the female founder of Banzo Butter and holds a Ph.D. in food science and technology. Amy also is the winner of the Inspiro Tequila sponsored Enthuse Foundation Professional Development Grant. The grant was awarded to provide a […]

As the tequila category continues to grow in popularity, people are experimenting with other types of agave-based spirits. One spirit that is growing in popularity is tequila’s smoky cousin, mezcal  Bloomberg recently reported that in 2022, Americans will spend more on mezcal and tequila combined than U.S. produced whiskey brands. If you’re looking to expand […]

Inspiro Tequila believes in supporting and showcasing the women who create our tantalizing cocktails. In Inspiro Tequila’s Mixing It Up with Inspiro Tequila series, we feature female mixologists’ stories and their Inspiro Tequila inspired cocktails. This month we are highlighting Allie Kim, a Chicago-based mixologist. Continue reading to learn about Kim’s mixology journey and the […]

I have always been conscious of what I put into my body. I like to know that what I am eating or drinking has clean ingredients and not filled with additives or sugars. When I cook for my family and friends, I want to know that I am providing tasty, healthy, nutritious foods, so I […]

In my latest interview, I had the privilege of speaking with Stephanie Biegel, co-creator and co-host of the women-led podcast Well/Behaved and female co-founder of Key, a software designed to connect talents and brands. Steph sits on Inspiro Tequila’s advisory board and is my marketing and messaging guru. I’m so lucky to have her business […]

At Inspiro Tequila, we love to collaborate and highlight talented women. We have some amazing female mixologists creating signature Inspiro Tequila cocktails we feature each month in our Mixing It Up with Inspiro Tequila series. This month we are highlighting Cheyenne Fountaine, a Chicago mixologist and founder of Miss Perfectpour. Continue reading to learn about […]

As the summer days warm up, nothing is better than a cold cocktail to cool you down. So as you sit poolside with friends or grill out at a barbecue, here are three simple tequila cocktails you can make and enjoy all summer long.  Let’s get mixing! Pineapple Crush Nothing conjures up feelings of a […]

It all starts with agave. Every drop of tequila – distilled at every tequila distillery in Mexico – begins with Blue Weber Agave (also called “Agave Azul” or “Tequilana Weber” Agave).   While there are hundreds of different identified varieties of agave, only the Blue Weber varietal can legally be used to produce tequila.  Mezcal, […]

I’m so grateful to be surrounded by inspiring mothers, from my mom to the women I work with. As I have built Inspiro, I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing women who not only founded their own businesses but are also raising awesome children. Working with and meeting other women who balance motherhood […]

Every month we are highlighting talented women in our Mixing It Up with Inspiro Tequila series. We have another incredible female mixologist for you to meet, mixing up some delicious cocktails inspired by Inspiro Tequila. This month we are highlighting Dominique Gonzales, a California mixologist who also founded Root Elixirs and is a managing partner […]

In my latest Inspiring Women Series interview, I had the privilege of speaking with Lauren Abney, co-creator and co-host of the women-led podcast, Well/Behaved. Lauren Abney sits on Inspiro Tequila’s advisory board and brings a great perspective on all things marketing, messaging, and branding. She currently works at Google as a client partner but still […]

If you’re new to tequila, or a little confused about the differences between the types of tequila you see at your local liquor store, here’s a helpful description of the different categories of this popular spirit.  If you’re new to tequila, or a little confused about the differences between the types of tequila you see […]

We love the ladies that make fabulous Inspiro Tequila cocktails for us. There are so many amazingly talented female mixologists out there and we want to highlight them in our new blog series – Mixing It Up With Inspiro Tequila. We will share the stories behind these incredible women and their fantastic cocktail creations.  This […]

Inspiro Tequila Partners with the Enthuse Foundation to Support Female Entrepreneurs We are excited to partner with the Enthuse Foundation to offer a Professional Development Grant and mentoring services to one lucky applicant! The Enthuse Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering female entrepreneurs and business leaders. Inspiro Tequila is dedicated to inspiring and […]

In my most recent interview, I sat down with Annabelle DeGrazio, founder of the women-led company Taja Collection. I was introduced to Annabelle when we were in the same HeyMama mentoring cohort. We stayed in touch, and I was finally able to meet her in person this past December at her store in Miami. It […]

For International Women’s Month, I have highlighted women in the spirits industry who have helped guide me on my journey.  These women not only bring a female perspective to the male-dominated spirits industry, but they also have innovated the industry.  There are so many amazing women in the spirits world that I find inspirational, but […]

We love the ladies that make fabulous Inspiro Tequila cocktails for us. There are so many amazingly talented female mixologists out there and we want to highlight them in our new blog series – Mixing It Up With Inspiro Tequila. We will share the stories behind these incredible women and their fantastic cocktail creations.  We […]

For Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, I want to highlight four inspirational female founders in the spirits industry who have personally helped to guide me.  Entering a new industry is no easy feat, so finding women who have already made an impact in the spirits industry I could learn from was important to […]

It might surprise you to learn that many of your favorite tequila brands contain additives. Tequila companies have been doing this for years to enhance the flavor and color of their tequila. It is perfectly legal under Mexico’s regulations governing tequila production (point of note, you can be confident Inspiro Tequila is always additive-free). Additives […]

I am so fortunate to have Samantha Ettus on Inspiro Tequila’s advisory board.  She is a powerhouse woman that has given me amazing feedback and guidance. Keep reading the interview below or watch it on the Inspiro Tequila YouTube Channel here! I recently sat down with Samantha to talk about balancing the different elements in […]

A great way to celebrate a holiday is with a special drink – one that not only reminds you of the day but embraces the flavors and colors. To make Valentine’s Day special, Erika, our head of Sales & Marketing, created the Mi Amor: Inspiro Tequila’s Clean Valentine’s Day Cocktail. In this cocktail, you will […]

There is a lot to love about the month of February. It is a great time to spoil your family and friends with sweet treats, but it is also the perfect time to treat yourself for Galentine’s Day.  If you have been reading our Matcha and Margarita’s blog over the past few months, you know […]

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with another set of inspiring female founders. Addie Gundry and Brittany Hizer are the co-founders of Pluie, the first self-sanitizing diaper changing table ever brought to market. Their changing table uses UV-C light to kill 99.9% of bacteria 60 seconds after a parent uses it. Not only […]

The classic margarita is smooth, fresh, and a fantastic complement to your favorite food. If you are conscious about your health, the sugar and calories quickly add up after just a few drinks. The skinny margarita is a perfect solution. This cocktail is also really simple to make and requires only three ingredients. Who doesn’t […]

Okay, 2022 is here and I am beyond excited to see where our second year in business leads. I am always looking to self improve and learn more. If you’re like me, you are constantly seeking new information. One of the ways I stay motivated and up to date on business news, mom ideas, and […]

This month, I had a conversation with another incredible founder — Johnna Rossbach from Mixly Cocktail Co., one of the best female founded brands on the market today that creates fresh mixers for amazing drinking experiences. These mixers taste great on their own but are perfect to use for easy, delicious cocktails. In fact, Inspiro […]

We were beyond excited to venture to Miami for our first Art Basel this past weekend. What an incredible experience! While there, we had the pleasure of teaming up with esteemed mixologist, Anastasia Forte, who helped us create an exclusive tequila cocktail, the Say I Love You, for an event we sponsored for the Dr. […]

During the holiday season it’s more important than ever to support small businesses. This year, we’re making it simple! Our founder Mara has put together a list of incredible gifts that all come from women-owned companies that we are sure you’ll love. Check out the gift guide below! 6 Women-Owned Companies to Gift this Season […]

Being a founder, I need to have a pretty well-established morning routine to set myself up for success. My routine isn’t very glamorous, but it’s the reality of managing a family and a company. Since it’s one of the only times I make for myself, the morning is my favorite time of day. I wake […]

Regina Trillo is a Chicago-based attorney and founder of Nemi Holisticks, a crunchy and flavorful plant-based snack inspired by her Mexican roots. Today, I sat down with Regina and talked with her about the journey she took to create her brand.

As a skincare enthusiast, I want to be as conscious about the ingredients I use on my skin as the ones that I eat or drink. That’s why I take great care in crafting my skincare routines, and why most of my products come from clean beauty or esthetician brands. If you’re a fellow skincare […]

Many of us have bad memories of a night with too much tequila. Those harsh nights were due to an inferior quality tequila, the mixto tequila. The right tequila is actually a really clean way to drink. Whether you prefer drinking it neat or in a cocktail, the key is to choose 100% agave tequila. […]

We know you want to dig into your kids’ Halloween haul, but those sweets are filled with refined sugars and additives. If you’re looking for some better for you options, you can still treat yourself. Here are 5 of our favorite finds—they are all gluten-free, vegan and lower in sugar. Gigantic Candy We love Gigantic […]